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An image of a completed garden, with a selection of carefully chosen plants and a quaint styled picket fence.
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Featured Projects

Image of a Project, includes a vine covered arbor over a pathway and several flower bushes.

Client's Home

Project in Fresno, Ca

Image of a Project that had heavy emphasis on cacti and desert landscaping

Client's Home

Project in Fresno, Ca

Client's Home

Project in Fresno, Ca

Image of a Project, included masonry pathways against grass.

Client's Home

Project in Fresno, Ca

Image of a Project, included a customized hot tub and rescued wood fence.

A picture of a Gazebo in the distance. Close up on the right is part of a purple flowering bush.

Your home should reflect who you are

Green Grow Scapes offers a variety of landscape design and construction services, each one dedicated to creating a one of a kind space that fuses evenly with your surroundings, functional needs, and personality. Using modern design concepts and technology, we blend native plants, paths, patios, and a host of other features to design the best space for you and your loved ones.

How We Think

To determine how the outdoor space will perform for our client using the architecture fo the home, the surrounding landscape and the land itself to guide our creativity. We put emphasis on the total groundplane, combining the wisdom of traditional techniques with modern innovation. No plant is random, all are used to sculpt the landscape and add balance for a strong statement to the design.

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A picture of a large yard, with flower pushes, height differences created with stone accent, and a house.
Our Services

An outdoor space is created with many different facets- masonry, lawns, water, lighting, sculptures, furniture, even buildings. Plants are just one part of the puzzle to create a beautiful space. We involve our clients throughout the project, ensuring that the design reflects their budget and their desires. All projects are equal, completed with the same amount of enthusiasm, awareness for detail, and commitment.

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Treating Each Project as Unique

Creates Quality and Reliability


The Consultation
The best landscape designs are shaped by the surrounding architecture and landscape, but the key to our designs is the client. Green Grow prides ourselves on actively listening and creatively interpreting your wishes, putting the consultation at the core of the project. The initial consultation is a great opportunity for the exploration of possibilities, discussing your requirements, and understanding your land. The visit is followed by an email briefing including the quote for design.


Site Survey and Analysis
Detailed measurements of your garden including widths, depths and heights are taken as well as measurements of surrounding environment if needed. We also measure any existing features outside of the garden that might impact the design to assure a cohesive project.


Scaled Outline; Plants Design
An outline plan, drawn to scale, is developed. This details all elements and materials, allowing clients to view the essence of the design. Once the outline plan is finalized and meets your satisfaction, the correct plants are chosen. These plants are matched to provide year-round interest and shape. A personalized guide is provided, including an explanation of the design choices, examples of the materials suggested, illustrations and images, as well as notes on how to care for the plants chosen.


Total Work Scope
A schedule of works, a written set of instruction, materials and techniques, is prepared. This will allow for clear, accurate construction quotes from our construction team. We draw from a large pool of talented tradesmen, guaranteeing that we have the experience needed for all of our projects.


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